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Incredible team-by-team detail for all 30 current teams plus the Montreal Expos and Washington Senators, covering every year-to-year change since 1970. Every patch, every trim change, lettering outline color detail for home, road, alternate jerseys, as well at Batting Practice and all special events jerseys.

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All-Star Game jerseys, team lettering fonts overview, the history of team Batting Practice jerseys, how jerseys are lettered, where to get your jerseys lettered (or re-lettered), oddballs and prototypes galore for every team.

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Note: The actual Cardinals chapter in the Guide is 142 pages. Only 42 pages are shown here and image quality has been reduced.

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Cardinals sample 8
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Cardinals sample 27
Cardinals sample 28
Cardinals sample 29
Cardinals sample 30
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In addition to updated team information through opening day of the 2020 season, you'll find the following new or redefined chapters in this version:

Every home/road/alternate team uniform change up through the 2020 season
Every new commemorative patch worn by each team, including all one-day memorials
A record of every St. Patrick’s, Turn Back the Clock game, Ethnic Heritage, and Negro League Tribute jersey
Inclusion of the new Nike jerseys
All of the new Spring Training jerseys through 2020
A chapter covering the Washington Senators, 1970-1971
Every one of the Memorial Day, Independence Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day game uniforms for every year
The chapters for the Expos, Padres and Royals are extended to 1969, so all uniforms from these teams’ start in MLB are included. (The Brewers chapter also includes the 1969 Pilots)
A chapter with “Stitchers’ Stories” — candid memories from a half dozen people on the inside who design and sew player uniforms
All of the gold-trimmed, opening day "champs jerseys" since the practice began
A whole bunch of newly-found oddballs, prototypes, and arcane details that you’ll only find here
Since the Eighth Edition (2017), there are 701 additional pages, as well as 925 additional major changes (new primary photos or facts) to existing pages. The new edition is more than 4300 pages long.

Table of Contents

Introductory Chapters
The purpose of this book, foreword, the scope of what is included inside, a summary of changes since the last edition.
Jersey Basics; Fabric, Trim, Lettering
Fabric evolution, sleeve types, fabric types and colors, Cool Base adoption tables for each team, Flex Base new for 2016, different types of trim, techniques of jersey lettering, introduction to lettering patterns, different ways that player name on back (NOB) are applied, MLB and team sleeve patches, official team undershirts.
Manufacturer Tagging
Visible and hidden manufacturer tagging on game jerseys can tell us when the jersey was made and whether it was made for the team’s use on the field, or made for retail sale. Covers all companies who have made game jerseys since 1970.
Commemorative Patches
All event and memorial patches worn by multiple teams as directed by the league: for a single day, for an entire season or anything in between. Includes All-Star Game and postseason patches, as well as league anniversary patches and memorial ribbon patches.
Special Event Game Jerseys
A breakdown of all the different types of special-event jerseys teams wear in MLB, starting with first St. Patrick’s Day jerseys of the early 1980s. Includes the evolution of the wide range of ethnic celebration jerseys, Turn back the Clock, Negro League Tributes, Jackie Robinson Day, “Ring Ceremony” jerseys, and holiday jerseys including Memorial Day, US Independence Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.
"Fake Authentics:" Avoiding Retail Counterfeits
This chapter addresses the oxymoronic concept of Counterfeit Authentics: store-bought (or, more usually, Internet-sourced) jerseys that purport to be authentic like those worn on the field, but are actually sweatshop-sewn fakes designed to defraud buyers, legitimate manufacturers, and even the MLB players whose names they bear.
"Is It Game Worn?" A Basic Guide to Authentication
A moderately deep-dive into things that authenticators look for to determine if a game-worn jersey really IS game worn. Reading this chapter won’t make you an expert, but it will give you a lot to think about when considering making a purchase for your collection.
Batting Practice and Spring Training Jerseys
Since they first appeared in the 1970s, official team warmup gear has grown in popularity among collectors as a colorful and lower-priced entry to the hobby. This chapter details all the phases of BP jersey development and marketing right through the new-for 2020 Spring Training jerseys and the newest iteration of batting practice jerseys released for 2020.
Team Chapters
Dedicated Team Chapters
A chapter for each current MLB team plus ones for the Montreal Expos and Washington Senators.
Special Chapters
All Star Game Jerseys
Starting with special jerseys worn for the first All-Star game in 1933, and jumping to 1997 when all team wore special themed jersey for event warmup, batting practice and the Home Run Derby. They are all covered here.
Stitchers' Stories
Researching this book through its many editions has brought me into contact with dozens of fascinating people. The most interesting of all, are the people who were there at the start: those who have played an active role in helping to create these team uniforms, bringing them from the drawing board to the cloth. Here are personal stories from six friends.
Player Name and Number Fonts
A snapshot and some insight on of the dozens of player name and number lettering fonts used by every team, 1970 through 2020.
Readers’ Questions
Some of the most typical questions I am asked about authenticity, jersey collecting and storage, lettering and restoration, buying jerseys from dealers and on eBay, and insuring one’s collection.
“The Game Worn Exam”
A 40-question fun test of your knowledge of jersey authenticity.
Acknowledgements and Final Notes
The people who contributed to make this Guide better with each edition, and tips on how this book’s research has been done.
Introduction to The Dream Shop
MLB Jersey restorations, customization, and recreations.
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